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Your site's position is Google's homepage!

Designing Online Store

Every day we see the transformation of physical stores into online ones, but what really affects the success of these stores is surely attractive site which is the biggest factor in the success of competitors

Corporate Website Design

The most important factor in the success of a company is to have identity and promote this identity. In social networking, this identity is considered as a beautiful and expressive site that gives a prestige to the company to rival competitors

Designing a Personal Website

Everyone has a talent and can advertise this talent in cyberspace. Sometimes this talent comes in form of writing, and in form of other arts in social networking, everyone can reveal their talents in a personalized website. And fortunately, many of them are getting the most out of this way

Educational Website Design

schools and institutes, professors and teachers are all more in need of showing their abilities and superiorities to other colleagues. Social networking is the best possible way, because inevitably, nowadays students seek their needs on the internet

Designing an Industrial Website

Industrial workshops and factories always need identity to showcase their products and to be seen in the industrial world, and this identity in social networking can only be manifested in a fully functional and efficient site

News Website Design

news is the most important factor in determining the stock market, the economy and even the fate of a community. Today, we are seeing the transformation of physical media into virtual media, which is the first step in having an influential and powerful site

Your site's position is Google's homepage!

Undoubtedly, the most important thing after designing the site is the visit from your site. Increasing your visit and to be first in Google's search engine requires experience and expertise, Tesina team engineers are well versed in numerous sites and many successes to boost your site rankings

Website design features and site optimization in Tesina are as follows

Website design support
customer site management training
responsive website design
design of the site with beautiful graphics
fast delivery of projects to the client
site design with SEO
  • Ideas

    You have certainly done enough research in your business and now it's time to introduce your business. Tesina offers you new ideas so you can get online business soon. Make it your own. The design of the commercial and store sites is the main expertise of the Tesina team

  • Targeting

    Have you ever considered the importance of targeting your information? Having a website and marketing on the Internet are two separate issues. You need to target online goals for marketing on the internet and you must target based on considering the market

  • Graphic Conduct

    Your site's graphic design is very important. Whatever your audience sees will be the same image that will shape in their minds. With Tesina, do not worry about designing your site

  • Final execution

    At this stage, your website is finished and the final project is presented

  • Support

    The end of the site design is the beginning of our team's commitment. It's safe to say that after designing the site, it is very important to support it because your website is the same as your showcase

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