About Tesina Team

Tesina Co. is one of the most specialized company in designing site and network in Iran, which provides design services, online store from implementation to administration and support, alongside with the technology of the world

History of the Company

Tesina Company began its activities primarily in the area of ​​network and support. Due to the growing trend of the internet in Iran and internet businesses, Tesina Co., in collaboration with web design professionals, was in the field of website design and expanding e-commerce by developing a specific design and design-oriented format to continue its activity

Goals of the Company

The most important parts of the Tasina team are; responsiveness, ongoing support, active participation in projects, the use of the latest and greatest scientific and practical methods

Tesina Team Leaders


Navid Nikpour

Network Division Manager

Sina Mirshafiei


Parisa HeydariPour

SEO Director and Increase Site Efficiency

Alireza Mirzamohamadi

Director of Graphic Design

Erfan Khakpour

Site Design Manager

Sara Mirshafiei

Consultant for the development and development of electronic business